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Naracoorte is a town in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia and the exhibit is linked to Night Safari’s Australasian trail. The Naracoorte Cave exhibit is a 45 meter long by 5 meter wide walk through a cave tunnel with varying heights between 2.2 and 6 meters.

This exhibit was built based on themed environment display technique to provide an ecological and educational experience for visitors. Weaving through the cave, visitors will be able to see cave animals in glass fronted exhibits (roof rat, river toad, cave racer, giant centipede, giant black scorpion and tailless whip spider). Part of the cave is built to replicate a mining environment. Other key features that can be found in the cave interior are crystal walls, artificial stalagmite and stalactite limestones, stone age wall paintings and replicas of fossilized bones of prehistoric creatures. The exterior of the cave features a 6 meter high waterfall, a rooftop garden and a research tent. 

Concepture, Scale Model, Design Development, Project management and Artifical Rockwork

Design And Build: Sowers And Seeds

Client: Singapore Zoo


Artifical Rockworks 


SingaporeZoo Night Safari


March 2010

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